Wednesday 15 February 2012

Design Research Module - West Kirby

So for my Design Research module I want to produce a personal, less formal photo journal of an adventure/trip around the Wirral but also make it informative as a tourist aid. I still haven't thought of a way to present this yet and I haven't been taking the photos properly either but that didn't stop me from going to West Kirby yesterday for a random trip. I want to try and find out people's perceptions of places on the Wirral and if they are negative, change them with the production of this document.

Here are some of the pics from the day. BEST PART of it was lunch in the Aubergine Cafe. After finding out about it only on Monday, it was the main reason I actually wanted to visit West Kirby again as it had been over a year since the last visit. The overall vintage kitch feel to everything is a real winner with me and reminds me of the sort of boutique shops that are in places such as Beaumauris but when looking into it more there are actually a nice range of shops now in West Kirby. A pretty underated place to shop!

Club special and rocket salad. I would actually drive there just for this.

Coffee and Wanut cake, HEAVEN!

Not far from the station at all!
So now I need to come up with funky ways of showing the mini adventures and making it design related and good enough to put in my portfolio... Oh well, random trips to places on the Wirral eating, and doing activities. Sounds like my kind of design research :D


  1. Sounds good. Did you find any nice boutique shops in West Kirby? There's a new development in New Brighton that might be a good place to go for a trip. Contrasts against the old run down side to New Brighton.

    1. There were a few cool shops, a gallery and loads of cool little cafes/restaurants but didn't really go in any as it was a race for food :D I will definitely be going to New Brighton though!