Sunday 12 July 2015

Liverpool Studio Space - Ninety Squared CIC

For the last few years, I have wanted to do something on the side of my full-time job that could one day grow into something bigger enabling me to go it alone. I have never been one to want to go out searching for clients as for now that is too time-consuming on top of everything else. I have always loved the idea of experimenting with screen printing, and although my collection of things is growing each month (ended up with a drying rack last week) it is just too expensive to get everything at the moment. So for now I am in the process of deciding what it is I definitely want to do with my company Strawberry&Co, but this comes with the other problems - I need some space to work...

I have looked everywhere and I mean everywhere for studio space that I can rent as a place to escape to. Somewhere that I can focus on nothing related to my job, or home, just somewhere to make a real go for it in being creative. It seems that if you live in Manchester and London then you have a great choice of little places to choose from, but when it comes to Liverpool you just have to have a lot of luck. Everyone in the city has heard of the famous Baltic Triangle, an area of regeneration that is saturated with creative businesses - it's THE place to be and so when I discovered Ninety Squared I was too excited for the possibility of having space with them.

Ninety Squared CIC are based in the Elevator Studios in the city and they offer space to independent and startup businesses, and I am happy to say that at the end of July I will have my own space there. Granted I will be taking it slow for a couple of months as designing for a theme park during the busiest time of the year and setting up something on the side would be the death of me if I went in all guns blazing haha. The people who I have been in contact with at Ninety Squared seem lovely and the space just has the feel that makes you want to be creative as there are so many other people from a range of areas on the same floor. I haven't been this excited for things to come in a long time!

More news to come.

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