Monday 6 July 2015

Tint / Instagram Widget - BEST ONE YET!

As a blogger... on blogger,  you soon realise that it can be a struggle to find high-quality widgets and so end up scouring the web for people that have created their own, or usually come across posts with recommendations from others. In the last couple of months, I must have tested about 30 different variations of widget to display Instagram posts on my blog and none of them have come up trumps. The biggest gripe being none of them ever want to link directly to my Instagram enabling people to follow me. That is, until now.

Today I came across a company called Tint. Tint isn't just a cool way of showing Instagram posts, but a way of showing every one of your social media feeds - in whatever way you want. 

It is so simple. You join their site, link your social media accounts, and then they will collect them into one feed that you can display wherever you want. I only have the free account for now that allows you to add 2 accounts to a feed, but if you upgrade there are so many combinations it is unreal.

The below image shows how to customise it so you can embed the HTML into blogger, and to the lower right of your screen in my sidebar you can see it in action.


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