Tuesday 2 April 2013

Jennifer Collier - Glam! art, design and textiles teachers workshop!

I have been a bit forgetful in blogging lately but I will try and catch up on the few things that I have done.

Last month I managed to get a ticket with Katie (colleague) for a teachers workshop that was going on at Tate Liverpool. It was part of the Glam! exhibition that is currently there until the 12th of May (haven't been to it yet so a post about that is to come). 

The workshop was run by Jennifer Collier. She is a magician of all things paper, making some awesome products out of the material. My personal favourite are her cameras;

Map SLR Camera, 12 x 14 x 8cm, £140

Online she states;
My practice focuses on creating work from paper; by bonding, waxing, trapping and stitching I produce unusual paper ‘fabrics’, which are used to explore the ‘remaking’ of household objects. The papers are treated as if cloth, with the main technique employed being stitch; a contemporary twist on traditional textiles. The papers themselves serve as both the inspiration and the media for my work, with the narrative of the books and papers suggesting the forms. I tend to find items then investigate a way in which they can be reused and transformed; giving new life to things that would otherwise go unloved or be thrown away.
I did have a few examples to put on here but sadly Cho (my Akita) thought it would be fun to eat wax covered teabags... The technique consists of carefully opening a tea bag, removing the tea and then placing whatever you fancy inside from feathers to fabrics. Then melting a wax candle over the bag before finally smoothing the wax over with the iron. Jennifer uses this technique when making her clothes such as the decorative dress below;

The techniques I learnt will definitely get used in projects in the future, whether it be the wax melting, experimenting with laminator pouches or cellotape image transfers. I haven't braved doing any with the kids in school just yet haha. When I do I will post the results on here, but for now check out the two websites below and if you get the opportunity to go to a workshop by Jennifer then you'll have a great time!

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