Monday 5 March 2012

Letterpressing Take 2

Since the last time I did letterpressing I have neglected the craft based side design and everything seems pretty digital lately so when I got asked by Nic did I want to do some more and help her I decided I could fit some in.

Nic was happy with herself!

I wanted to do a promotional piece but was unsure of what exactly so it was a case of experimentation and developing of skills, aka messing around. After some time I decided I was going to try and make a flyer/poster that I could send to design studios/companies and ask whether they had any placements available. I need to be thinking ahead for when I graduate and I needed something that would stand out more than an email that would get lost amongst the thousands of others requesting for help. It was a messy process as always and when I had a small chase set up I did a few test pages before I realised I wanted to add a few more lines of type. Considering that I had only ever tried a few lines of quote before using large wooden type, it was wishful thinking that I'd get a couple of dozen lines of small metal type to lock together in an A4 sized chase... and it was wishful thinking, trying to move the thing and collapsing through onto the floor wasn't the best thing to happen to me that day. This was also after showing prospective students around on a Saturday for applicant day, I was not at my best. So I left it alone over the weekend and went back to it today. Knowing I didn't have the best of papers it was all just testing whether the type I had set was what I wanted before I go out and make the luxury paper purchase. To sum it up it turned out pretty well and I am hopeful that I will eventually be able to smarten things up to be a high enough quality it would need to be to actually send the flyer out.

Embossing on cheap paper, still turrns out pretty good!5

These are my final favourite 2 on the 2 types of paper I used. Not perfect but I think it adds to the handmade feel.

Wish me luck!

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