Thursday 28 June 2012

Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2012

 Me, Nic and Laura journeyed to Manchester for their degree show on the 20th so that we could see how theirs compared to our show. After a few mistakes made by TomTom we eventually made it into Manchester and the three of us ventured into the building that hosted the fine art part of the show. After the time we had getting into the city we thought it would be good to look around here before heading to the other building that displayed the graphic design work. Throughout the show, and it may be clear with the pictures, I seemed to head more towards things that blurred the lines of fine art and graphic design when it comes to the style of the work.

Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2012 -

Work by Phil Simpson

Work by Rachel Treloar

Work by Thomas Cope

Work by Dominique Fletcher

Work by Oliver Macdonald Oulds

Work by Ella Swain

Work by Emma Johnson

Work by Rosie McAndrew

Nic was admiring the work of Federico Garciatrujillo!

Work by Martin Walsh

Work by Marta Suuster

After looking through this section of the show we headed over to Quay House to see what the graphic designers has to display. Being 4.20 we thought it was still quite early but that wasn't the case and to our dissapointment everything had been taken down or was in the process of being taken down. Not very pleased!

I still don't think the day was wasted because it was a good break after the preparation of our degree show and the three of us had a laugh. Maybe I'll make it to the show next year!

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