Saturday 25 August 2012

Last Day - Fourth Wall Creative

Well I say it is my last day because on Tuesday I am going away for a few weeks and this is when my placement was meant to finish. However I have been told to get in touch when I go back and see if there is work available for me to do, so although I haven't got my hopes up there is a chance I could still work in the studio again (which makes me very happy).

I finished Uni around two months ago and then was lucky enough to get a placement at Fourth Wall Creative. To sum things up I have had an awesome time. The last few months of my course in Chester made me question whether I actually wanted to go into the design industry. The team there have completely turned that around for me which is a big achievement as I was feeling pretty low. I have had other jobs in the past, non skilled ones just to earn some money, and clock watching becomes a regular thing where you can't wait to finish, and each day just blurs into another hoping you won't have to work there any more. It wasn't like that here, I actually wanted to help as much as I could (though that sometimes doesn't feel enough) and it was odd to say I wanted to work, crazy or what! Now I could type out a huge list of everyone there and what they do but I'm not going to because everyone was a help there AND all managed to put up with me for days at a time, which I thought deserves an award.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to the whole studio and for allowing me to be there and I hope to see them in the future! - Get in touch with them if you need any design work doing!

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My workspace, which now makes my laptop feel tiny!

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