Friday 28 June 2013

Light Night - Liverpool 2013

So the other week me and Nic met up to go around Liverpool for the events that fell under the Light Night 2013 event. The city was encapsulated by all of the things going on, streets full of exhibitions, performances, open studios, and tours that celebrated creativity.

Personally I believe that things could have been planned a little better, as I got the impression that you could spend the evening doing things right past midnight. Yet after half 10 we were both struggling to find things to do. A lot of the workshops going on were earlier on and so we had missed them while getting from work etc.

We still had a great catch up and the random (but free) buses that the city had on were good, especially with the band that was playing in our one haha!

Hopefully next year the events go on for a couple of days so that we get to see more. If there is a Light Night 2014.

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