Monday 20 January 2014

Wales Day Out - An Excuse for Photographs

So even though this isn't to do with anything art or design related, it does involve me experimenting with photography a bit more. Last year I took the plunge and I bought myself a DSLR. I have always loved taking pictures and the majority of the time I take them in a candid style because I like being random and snapping anything and everything gives me more of a chance at capturing memories.

I'd normally have done a whole post about the reasons why I chose the camera as I am a tech geek that spends way too much time researching before buying. For the price the Nikon 3200 would have suited me just as well but I have friends with Nikons and don't want to constantly be comparing cameras to one another. Also the Canon 700D seems to have a slight upper hand on the video side of things.

Back to the day out. I am more than a novice at photography, haven't as of yet figured or even cared about what aperture is, because frankly as long as it's reasonably well composed and looks alright to me, that's all that really matters. There are places that remind you of being a kid and many of those places for me are in North Wales. So this Sunday I twisted my parents' arms and we had a family day out to three of the main places that I love in the country; Llandudno, Conwy and Betws Y Coed. The sun was out and the bakeries all open (I love anything sold in a bakery haha).

Just so you know a few of the foodie places I'd recommend are;


Take A Break Cafe - It's pretty hard to choose a decent little place to eat in the seaside resort as there is so much choose from. This cafe is a little gem with great prices and fast service and I would highly recommend it.

The Cottage Loaf - Need a bit more space? Then this pub has a great selection of food and is handily right next to a car park in the centre of town.


The Archyway Fish & Chips - If you go to Conwy for any reason, and feel even the slightest bit hungry EAT HERE. A chip shop which has a cafe attached so that you can eat in, and the fish is pretty much on my top 5 places to eat it in the UK.

Popty Conwy Bakery - This bakery has to have THE BEST vanilla slices in the world, a big statement but trust me. There are even customers that come over from the Isle of Man to collect their orders of the slices!

Enough with the food, overall I had a great day and if you have yet to go to any of the three places then shame on you. I remember a colleague in work had never even heard of Conwy before, people need to visit the places on their doorstep. Whether it be the cable cars on Llandudno's Great Orme or a walk around the grounds of Conwy Castle, there's plenty to do!




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