Monday 29 June 2015

Jane Foster - Designer, Illustrator and All Round Super Creative

When I started my blog up a few years ago I scoured the internet to find people that could inspire me to get my creative juices flowing. Times were simple ie I hadn’t become addicted to Pinterest haha, and one of the people that I have continued to follow is a marvellous person by the name of Jane Foster.

Jane lives in Devon, UK with her little family in which they have their own studio in their 60s home (which is enviably gorgeous I might add). She has plenty of strings to her bow, being a designer, illustrator, screen printer, author and manages her online presence. I’m not sure how she fits everything in, but it just goes to show you that hard work pays off in all walks of life.

I’m always one drawn to bright colours, and if you team that with bold designs you’re onto a winner. The thing that stood out to me with Jane’s work is the cleanliness and simplicity of everything she does while still mixing up a vibrant colour palette. It always has the right balance.

Jane’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed and even the largest of companies want a piece of it. Ever noticed this little beauty in a shop you may have heard of... Ikea? Her Fish Supper poster was picked up for sale in their stores from 2013 and I knew it was her work as soon as I spotted it.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Miffy the rabbit, created by Dick Buna, of which Jane has been given an amazing opportunity in being allowed to use the world-famous character in her work. I think the mixture of the Scandinavian style with the classic dutch character works really well and I am looking forward to seeing what else gets produced throughout the year.

Finally I'll leave you with a great short film by Alun Callender, shot the night before the launch of Jane's first book (Fun With Fabric) in 2013. 

Hello! Jane Foster - "Fun with Fabric" from Alun Callender on Vimeo.

- All photographs shown have been taken from Jane's blog to the best of my knowledge Alun Callender of has shot her on more than one occasion.

*In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not affiliated with any of the links in this post. I only ever recommend external links that I visit and use on a personal basis so that I know you’ll be in good hands!

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