Monday 23 January 2012

The Albert Dock!

The next stop was The Albert Dock, even when coming to Liverpool One to do some shopping, me and friends always still make it over to here as it adds to the day out. Plus it once again gives a bit of shelter like the museum.

Free entry, so basically had to go in and see what it was about. A quick 2 minute look around would suffice here!

Changed so much in the last decade.

Even on a dreary day it is still stunning here.

Didn't have a chance to go into the Tate, that will be for another day.

I love going around the dock, it does seem to be more of a chic place to go now than it used to, with the footballers and certain celebs enjoying the bars and restaurants around. Still one of the main attractions of Liverpool!

Next were the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. Both in the same building on different floors so easy to get around both. Not as, lets say exciting as the new museum but it is still worth a visit (and more appealing to an older audience).

I actually didn't have any idea where the exhibitions started/ended and at the end of the slavery section there was another area that showed the different conterfeit goods that were imported into Liverpool. The layout wasn't the best but once again you could spend a couple of hours in there (Maybe 30 minutes if you're like me).

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