Monday 23 January 2012

Museum of Liverpool!

Well yesterday was a very busy day, me and my best mate Linz ventured over to Liverpool to experience the sites with our tourist glasses on. Basically to go to as many different things in the city that you would go to if you were visiting for a trip. This wasn't all for fun as the images I was collecting are going to be used when I start creating visuals for my set of travel posters for Design Research. So a bit of first hand research was definitely needed!

Getting off at James Street Station, the first port of call was the Museum of Liverpool, right next to the waterfront. This was my first time to go there since it has been built so was all exciting and new.

Here is just a selection of pictures, managed to still find a few travel posters which was good. I won't harp on about all of the different exhibits, but I will say that you can easily spend a few hours looking around. And is a nice shelter from the wind.

Impressive view from outside. Some might hate it and people have complained about it ruining the waterfront but I love it. As long as it stays this clean over time.

Even with the rain it is worth the trek to the museum just for the amazing views.

So many different sections and floors to look around. All designed pretty good for a museum I have to say.

There were some pretty special pieces of art on the walls, this has to be the best of them all. Hand painted by Ben Johnson and took over 3 years to do. Stunning!

I had a bit of an obsession taking photos of the staircase. It was a display in itself.

The music exhibition, mainly taken over by the usual Beatles but was still bearable haha,

The view from the other end of the building, amazing!

 That wraps it up for the Museum of Liverpool, here is their site to check them out;

I highly recommend the visit!

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