Monday 27 February 2012

Design books have arrived!

I have wanted the David Airey book Logo Design Love for months and months and I finally took the plunge to get it, as well as order a few other recommended books to help with my dissertation and for general inspiration and enjoyment for me. They finally came on Friday and I have had a flick through the and can't wait to get a few spare moments to have a better look.

Books from left to right;

Designing Brand Identity - Alina Wheeler (To help in my Design Discourse module)

Colour Mania - Viction:ary (To help in my Promotional Design module)

Stationary Design Now! - Julius Wiedemann (To help in my Promotional Design module)

Logo Design LoveDavid Airey (To help in my Design Discourse module)

Out of them all I think I have fell in love with Colour Mania the most, simply because it is the one that you can browse through quicly to give you ideas and I love the way that the contents of the book has been split into different colour groups. Here is to adding more to my collection as I only have half a shelf full!


  1. I LOVE the Stationery Design Now one! It sits proudly on my shelf ;)

    The other three currently sit proudly on my Amazon wish list though - bring on loan day! :D

    1. It has an essay in that will really help Nic with her project. I just like flicking through the work thinking how crap I am :D

  2. Thanks very much, David! I hope you enjoy the read.

    1. Only had a flick through at the moment David and I know it is going to be very useful. Roll on book number 2, can't wait for it!