Monday 23 April 2012

Giant Spectacular - Liverpool - 20-22nd April 2012

Over this last weekend I was lucky enough to go across to Liverpool and see the 3 day event of the Sea Odyssey - Giant Spectacular.

Taken from the website;

"In April, the world's greatest street theatre company, Royal De Luxe, will bring their Little Girl Giant to Liverpool in one of the UK's most spectacular events. Sea Odyssey is a magical tale of love, loss and reunion played out on a gigantic scale. It will take place in key city spaces, moving across North Liverpool and the city centre, wowing the hundreds of thousands of people who are expected to descend on the city over the three days.

The show will take place from April 20-22 and is one of the most complex events Liverpool City Council has ever staged, involving hundreds of people in its planning and execution."

The website can do a far better job at describing everything than I can but I thought I would share some of the pictures and videos with you that I got when I was there. On the Friday we managed to run after the Uncle giant and caught up with it near the Lambanana. The crowds were huge considering it was still midday Friday, a lot of the roads had also been closed, so glad I decided to train it over.

Train poster while on the way.

Was a bit disappointed he was sitting down on Friday.
Liverpool 1 one a Friday afternoon, packed!

Thankfully after the few brief glimpses of the giants on Friday I managed to venture over again on Sunday during their farewell and even though there were thousands of people managed to get a better look at them.

So after they had been lowered into the boat they were to set sail down the Mersey. The city was too busy for us to get anywhere close to the riverside so we made our few hour long journey home as the trains were really overworked that day.

On the Friday I managed to get one of the A3 posters that were on sale to celebrate the event and me being a design geek I was very happy that it looked a lot like a vintage travel poster. Even that paper it was printed on is great quality. #Imsad

 My video from the day!

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