Tuesday 24 April 2012


So I joined twitter in 2008 which was before it boomed and I'm still not using it to my full advantage as it is still primarily for social use. It is improving as more and more graphic design students, companies, studios, competitions are adding one another now so it is a lot more design orientated than my facebook/tumblr. Facebook to me is still a time filler to catch up with friends, and I got bored of tumblr long ago since the same content ends up on my dashboard every day... mainly from girls moaning about how they haven't found their one true love yet, at the age of 12!

So the point of this post it to give people an insight into the latest big social site, Pinterest. Lorna got me into the site and at first I wasn't too interested, I just thought it would be another tumblr posting pictures etc blah. But after a couple of hours looking around it, it is actually quite a great tool if you use it for inspiration. It is very easy to get hooked into searching for things to spark your imagination because the things that come back are usually quite relevant to what you want. A quick example is when I searched for portfolios, hundreds of thumbnails of visually appealing portfolio examples that all fit the bill of the style I like. Then onto letterpressing, screenprinting, logo design, the list goes on at the things I was looking at and it can all be pinned to the designated boards that you define in your profile.

I was the person to get friends into twitter and tumblr and even blogger and speaking to them it seems like a mission to get them to join Pinterest as; "It has no use" "It seems scary". I suppose I don't need to force it on them because I can get my use out of it, whether it be my design board or boards that are more social orientated. It's great!

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