Wednesday 25 April 2012

One For The Library - Books Worth a Read

Everyone always needs more design books to be added to their bookshelf so thought I would suggest another two that I personally find helpful. The first is Logo Savvy: Top Brand Design Firms Share Their Naming and Identity Strategies, catchy name. It is very well known and would surprise me if a student that wanted to go into brand identity hadn't at least picked it up for a quick read before. As the name suggests it is based around the processes/theories/strategies that other design companies use, not the complete processes but each case gives another insight into how other companies tackle the clients brief which is useful for a junior.

Book is a little beaten, can you tell it's read a lot!
The next book isn't one that is going to give you any visual inspiration but for me it is one of those that you actually want to read because each page is more humorous than design related, I couldn't stop reading it. The chapters are short and to the point and the estimated time to read them is printed at the top of each page which is pretty smart. It is called Designers Don't Read. I wouldn't particularly say you will get a lot out of reading the book, lots of mind blowing ideas that will completely change the way which you design, but it is worth picking up for a read.

Basically I would say that these two books are worth buying if you can get hold of them cheap enough but if you can check them out of the library do so and make your own judgement!

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