Friday 11 May 2012

My Personal Logo / Wordmark

So for the last few months (OK maybe years) I have struggled with whether I want to start my own company, what it would be called, what should I call myself if I were to freelance, and what my logo would look like. So the other day I finally decided I wanted something that I wouldn't be changing every few weeks because I no longer liked the typeface, colour, etc. I decided I wanted to use my own handwriting to create a wordmark because after all, my handwriting isn't going to change that much over time, it has been just as messy as it has always been.

The process consisted of writing out my name over and over again until I was happy with what I was seeing. It took a while is all I can say but then something clicked and I had something to work with on the computer.

The early images had the texture of the paper and the different strokes of the pen overlapping which is something that I was considering keeping in the final wordmark but in the end scrapped the idea as consistency between things it would be placed on would be difficult with different opacity's.

I experimented with colour and initially I was going to use the red that I use for my blog, but then the logo reminded me too much of the Kellogs' logo. My thoughts on this will no doubt change in time and it will end up being red but for now it has been influenced by the colour of my smart car. Not the most traditional way to decide upon a colour but after all she is a big part of my life and not going anywhere soon!

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