Sunday 10 June 2012

Business Cards & Edge Painting

So this has been one of the busiest months of my Uni life, I would actually say in my life up until this point. Throw into the mix that I have been over stressing and ill and the combination has meant that I haven't been updating my blog as much as I should have been. I have had plenty to show, just not had the time. Without any more hesitation I thought it was about time I shown you all my business cards.

After years of looking at cool designs it basically came down to not having much time or money to do something over the top like I have wanted to, letter pressed cards on ultra thick uncoated stock with painted edges. I did however manage to find a great deal on thick 600gsm double-sided cards from Absolute bargain for 500 so I did the deed and ordered the large amount so that I could play around with painting the edges myself. They came and even though I thought they would be slightly thicker you could still tell the difference especially when compared to standard cards. So I did what I most probably shouldn't have and mixed up some acrylic paint to the green colour of my wordmark, stacked the cards together and painted the edges. This could have gone horribly wrong considering I hadn't clamped the cards together and the paint wasn't the ideal choice to go with but I went with it and I am pretty pleased with the result. I have enough cards left so I think more experimentation is in order for some of the remaining cards!

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