Tuesday 12 June 2012

Self Initiated Flower Campaign

I thought it was about time I did a post about one of my final projects this year. It still isn't complete but will get finished off over Summer when I have decent time to focus on it. This is a self initiated campaign to make flowers a viable option to gift to men, aiming at Interflora as the client. The campaign revolves around the range of packaging I designed for the cut flowers to be encased in. This acts as protection during transportation along with a more masculine look to displaying flowers. The message behind the gift will use a reinvention of the language of flowers aka floriography for the modern man. Yes I know that floriography isn't the most masculine sounding of terms but giving flowers a meaning beyond the normal convention of love appealed to me and I thought it would fit a gap that there is in the market. To put it briefly, how many gifts/presents have you struggled to buy for a man whether it be to say thank you, for an occasion such as Fathers Day or a Birthday and you end up struggling because most of the major players in the consumer industry are aiming cheap tat at you which has no personal value and is likely to get forgotten about and binned a few days later?

The collection consists of 3 main meanings; respect, congratulations and gratitude. Each season there is a new flower that represents one of the 3 meanings.Originally I was trying to stick strictly to the Victorian meanings that had been documented but the language wasn't specifically created for cut flowers and so that was one problem when it came to the project. The second problem was that certain flowers are only available in certain seasons, after this stage is when I decided to apply the meanings to flowers that are readily available during the different periods and so Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter flowers were chosen.

After that essay, here is the sleeve of the packaging through the early stages;

At this stage the medal is just in place so I know the dimensions the real one will have to be and I haven't designed the clear plastic insert yet but it is getting more refined with each tweak. The initial shape is done!

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