Saturday 14 July 2012

Saatchi Gallery - Out of Focus: Photography

So when I was down south I went to quite a few galleries & museums as you have to. After visiting the V&A for the British Design exhibition they have (post will come soon) we stopped in Chelsea for amazing ice cream from Amorino. If you are there you have to go as they build up a rose petal by petal out of the flavours of your choice, heaven! So off to the Saatchi gallery we go and to sum up the experience I was left pretty deflated after it. Taken from the press release;
Entitled ‘Out of Focus', the exhibition is a wide ranging exploration of photography at a time when the medium is in the midst of a complicated but rich moment in its history and old assumptions are being challenged. Thirty seven different artists will be featured, including Hannah Starkey, David Noonan, Nicole Wermers, Ryan McGinley and Elina Brotherus. The exhibits will range from classic documentary to collaborative set pieces, with featured artists offering an international perspective on recent trends in photography
Barely any description if any was given of the pieces on display, and I have an open mind when it comes to contemporary art but when did contemporary change its definition to visually horrific? Ok, maybe I shouldn't be as harsh and it had been a long day but the only thing I could choose which was blog worthy was the installation by David Benjamin Sherry. He took a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, photographing the panoramic landscapes which he later manipulated in his studio. Whether I am looking at things with too much of a designers eye I don't know but it wasn't the highlight of our trip!

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