Tuesday 7 August 2012

Placement Update

So once again I have neglected my blogging, to be honest I haven't exactly had the most to talk about other than being on my placement at Fourth Wall Creative. The studio is based in Neston, near my hometown and set in an idyllic estate. Pretty much the best thing I could have hoped for never mind this soon after I have finished Uni. I've had part time and full time jobs in the past and I have always clock watched and then when the day is over I dread the thought of going back the next day, but for the first time I don't feel like that here. All of the staff have been more than helpful and tbh I don't know how they put up with how inexperienced I am but they do. I am currently on my third full week here and the work I am getting is varied in difficulty and a LOT more commercial than anything they taught us in Uni which I knew it would be. Also to those that know me I have a slight hatred for anything Apple related. After going through Uni avoiding macs when I could and working primarily on my laptop it has been odd adjusting to a 27" iMac. However I would now quite happily have one as my main machine... for work of course because they are crap for pretty much most other useful things like not crashing when they get a little overworked. Stupid rainbow wheel!

Surprisingly I have only had ice cream at Park Gate (5 mins away) twice since being here as I am being strong haha. So I hope I manage to make it here till I go away on holiday, which I was counting down to at the end of August, but for now I can quite happily stay content here for a few more weeks. It has been a good experience this far!

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