Monday 22 October 2012

Graduation Creeping Up!

So things have been all over the place lately and it seems that my design work has been getting more and more a side project. I have however been allowed an office space of my own above one of my Brother's shops which I am still in the process of getting ready.

I still can't believe actually how long it has been since I left Uni, I'm surprised at how little I am missing it. I think it is because life still manages to throw up things for you to get on with. So just over a week till everyone gets back together for (pretty much) the last time and graduates. The tickets are now through, I have sorted out my gown and photographs and yesterday my Dad got me my suit which I wasn't expecting on getting. I do need to look good on the day though, it is being seen by hundreds of people and that ONE photograph that gets taken will be looked back on for years to come!

Photo taken by JF Sebastian

I am not really that nervous about the day, though I do know it will be a slight stress out as I am meeting last years graduates for breakfast and a catch up, then meeting parents to get my gown and photograph at Northgate Arena, then to Cathedral for ceremony, take gown back, have lunch with Vic and family, go see rest of family for Halloween and off to Liverpool for food and cinema with Linz and Bri. Jam-packed Halloween or what!

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