Friday 16 November 2012

Projection Mapping - Conwy Feast 2012

Throughout Uni I had a lecturer that was a big fan of projection mapping, the fascination seemed to transfer over to most of the students but I had seen nothing in person of this form of design being used. A few weeks back I went to the Conwy Feast 2012 with Vic, I would recommend it highly by the way especially if you are a foodie like me (I say foodie but maybe it's just greed haha). As the evening progressed and it got darker we stumbled across a building in the town that was being projected onto. Granted it wasn't the best mapping that I had seen like in examples on Youtube but it was surprising to see it being used in this part of the country. I shot a small video of it below;

The company that has been responsible for projection mapping in the town during events over the past few years appears to be LCI. A previous example from when they projected onto the castle in 2011 is below which at some points is impressive. I would have posted my own from the 2012 mapping but I didn't think it was as good!

Lets hope I can see some more of their work in person!

LCI - Website

Conwy Feast - Website

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