Friday 14 December 2012

Definitely my last day at Fourth Wall Creative!

So last time I had to write a post about leaving the studio I didn't know what was out there for me in the future. This time is different because as you know by now I have a new job. I have enjoyed myself more this time in the studio as it wasn't like I had to introduce myself to the team as a newbie.

3 weeks without a proper day off between Fourth Wall and TK Maxx I am very much looking forward to chilling this weekend and roll on Christmas so that I can get fat on chocolate. Although I will most probably lose weight considering all of the Mars bar hot chocolates that I consume in the studio, I just can't resist them... To be honest I don't know how I have managed to get away without making a single drink for anyone here in the last few months it is most probably more stressful the fear of having to remember what everyone wants in their tea/coffee than trying to complete a job I have been set my any of the managing directors haha!

Another thing I should point out is the way in which Fourth Wall Creative actually care about young talent, more-so than other studios that have treated my friends like slave labour and tossed them aside when no longer needed. In this hectic time leading up to Christmas they have taken on Connor (a third year student) for a week long placement. As most students/graduates know, agencies/studios are all about getting people that have had some experience in the industry so it is vital that other companies follow the lead of FWC and be open to giving a helping hand onto the creative industry ladder. I know that it has helped me a lot with my confidence.

In my time here I have learnt a hell of a lot more than I did during my last year in Uni and lets just hope that my next job is just as easy to slot into and enables me to learn a lot while still having fun. This isn't work, it's graphic design!

All the best to everyone at Fourth Wall Creative, have a Merry Christmas and a New Year that gets you  a shed load of work!

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