Friday 11 January 2013

My First Few Weeks!

Crazy. Everyone in the art department has their own personality and all has an awesome amount of crazy running through them haha! So, I started at the academy on the 17th of December and it was quite a week. Thrown into things helping paint part of a set for a play that was on an hour later, drama and art departments working hand in hand. Just one of the many times already that I have seen staff in the academy all helping each other. The week was really fun!

A few times a year there is enrichment weeks and the Christmas one is celebrated with a bang. Panto, Christmas Fayre, so many activities. Fancy dress is one of them, with this years theme being super heroes. The art department had decided to go as the Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles AND to make the costumes. I had the choice of a few things and the villian Shredder was what I decided to go as. To sum it up, it was a messy week and a great way to get to know the people I will be spending a lot of my life with on a day to day basis. Wednesday was the Christmas Fayre, highlight being me getting to see Reindeer in the playground, I am such a big kid! We didn't win fancy dress (although there isn't technically a competition between staff, we still reckon we won).

Christmas came and went and this week has been my first proper week with all of the students and teachers back (was in cleaning and tidying mode when in last week). It has been a little less of the fun and games but still a great place to be each day. I am hoping to be a little more busy now I am getting a timetable next week as I do like to always constantly have things to do. Well when I am getting paid for it anyway, weekend is here and that is me time haha!

Oh, and also managed to get my final pass this week too with my pic on. So much better than my Uni card! It is still a bit odd being called Mr Yates or Sir by people, and I sometimes forget which means people have to almost shout to get my attention... Haha!

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