Tuesday 12 March 2013

Cheap Screen Printing Kit

So when I started at the academy I spoke about how I liked to screen print when I was in Uni. Katie, one of my colleagues has also done it as part of her degree and so when I found a cheap hobby kit on eBay the department bought one as it would also come in handy with students that wanted to do some experimenting... along with me haha. The kit is HERE, I'm not affiliated with it in any way but I can say that the woman is very helpful and it is a great small kit for starting out as it's under £35 with postage and includes a free ink.

So when I had a break I managed to quickly draw a random outlined picture and cut it out with a craft knife before giving it a go. It did feel a little like Christmas, getting to open a new toy and play with it first. The outcome was pretty good and although the paper stencil couldn't hold up to much use I was surprised at how crisp the print was.

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