Saturday 19 July 2014

Giant Spectacular - Memories of August 1914 - 23-27 July 2014

Who would have thought that TWO YEARS have passed since this amazing company came to the city of Liverpool. This is just a quick reminder as it is only a few days away!

If you aren't aware of the event then in short, French street theatre company Royal De Luxe are bringing three giant marionettes (the new grandmother, the little girl and her dog, Xolo) to Liverpool as part of the 5 day event to commemorate the role of Liverpudlians heroism during the First World War. The city is proud to be host to one of the UK's landmark WW1 events titled - Memories of August 1914. 

The main event doesn't start till Friday the 25th, but if you are near St George's Hall from Wednesday the 23rd the public will be able to see the grandmother sleeping before she starts her journey. I will no doubt remind people again before the main event next week but for now here are some useful links for news and updates -

Giant Spectacular links:

 And here you can download a PDF of the route of the giants from Friday to Sunday:

Visit Liverpool

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