Saturday 19 July 2014

Lookout Creative - Graphic Design Agency

So it has been a while since I posted to the blog, what never changes is I get more views the less I post, crazy world!

I want to introduce to you a relatively new company that involves some creatives that I know. They've been in the design industry for a few years now and this is what has come to form: Lookout Creative. If you are looking for any design brief sorted with a down to earth studio then look no further. From traditional graphic design to boosting your company's on-line presence, they can offer a broad range of services delivered by a fresh young team.

Quote from their team -
Lookout Creative, we are a personal and honest Graphic Design agency based in Bournemouth. We bring creativity, enthusiasm and fun to a design project. We do not blind you with complicated jargon and our prices are always fair and honest. We work with the largest corporations down to the most humble small businesses.
so check us out on  
or follow us on twitter @lookoutcreative

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