Friday 25 July 2014

My New Business Venture - Strawberry & Co

So it has been a very long time coming, the thought of me wanting to set up my own business on the side of my current job has been in the pipeline for almost two years. There are many things that have held me back from getting started and primarily it's me doubting myself. It is far easier to think of all the negatives of what could come out of having my own business.

Starting in the final year of Uni I wanted to get back to doing less corporate work and focus on (shamefully put) pretty things... Things that sparked an initial gut feeling of happiness, the playful side of design in which I can have fun. After friends let me down and the idea of wedding invitations got toyed with the what seemed like forever, I have eventually decided to focus on something that I love, for the time being anyway.

Anyone that knows me will know how much I love flowers. Ever since I was young my parents have been keen gardeners and this has passed over to me. Like design work, every flower and plant can convey different emotions; shape and colour theory come into the garden just as much as in the graphic design world. So what I want to focus on for now is high quality, but cheap art prints in limited edition runs that change throughout different seasons.

My company of Strawberry & Co Ltd has been left since I registered it early last year and now with the refreshed look I hope over the next few weeks to get selling!

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