Friday 15 June 2012


Who'd have thought it, a week after finishing Uni before my degree show and 3 design jobs have been advertised nearby to where I live which for a start is a miracle as everything seems to be down near London, but I have the prospect of an interview with my favourite of the bunch. Ideal location, job description which basically lists my skill set, all just too good to be true. And all of this comes after doubting my ability to be a designer after seeing so many brilliant portfolios of friends over the last couple of weeks so it has been a motivational lift. The conundrum that I have is that I am going away to London for a jam-packed week away with Vicky (Duck Designs) from the 27th and the proposed interview is on the 29th. One of the most important things to happen to me basically all year and it could be foiled by a holiday.

Wish me luck in trying to organise everything!

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