Thursday 14 June 2012

Untitled - Degree Show Preparation

Over the last week a lot of my time has been taken up with getting the work ready to display for the degree show. Our show is titled Untitled and will open for the public to see a variation of work from the Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design departments situated in Kingsway. For more info you can check out this link!

Ideally just one piece of work needed to be chosen so what I went for was my flower campaign that I have previously blogged about. Campaign still unfinished I decided to also make my Professional Development Plan a piece to show as well. I got given a 3 metre space to fill which is pretty big considering I focus on branding. I set out painting the space a soft black as a backdrop and then made up the packaging sleeves. This took a lot longer than expected but after finding the folding machine in Uni the finish of the sleeves looked a lot better than during development;

The next stage was to make the shelves for the sleeves to go on, hoping that I remembered the angles of the sides so that I could cut the same out of the wood.

Tired and ill, can you see my enthusiasm for the project ahead.

The final medals were also made for the front of the sleeves.

Although pretty bare due to not having flowers in the packaging and no advertising designed I still think I filled the space well enough, but the layout for the final show will be changed and hopefully I will have some of the other pieces of the campaign ready in time.